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Laminate vs. vinyl: The secrets you need to know

Sometimes, homeowners get stuck between laminate flooring and vinyl flooring and need to make a decision, one way or the other. Which is better? Which will work best for my own home? Which one lasts longer? Each of these questions will come out and need to be answered before you can truly make a decision, so we’re going to take a quick look at the differences so that you can finally choose for yourself and your home.

In a “laminate vs. vinyl” flooring situation, many homeowners look first at the cost of the materials. This is often a tie-breaker, especially if everything else is similar, but when it comes to these two materials, you’re looking at about the same price for one or the other. Sheet vinyl is quite a bit cheaper than laminate, but if you’re looking at the comparable higher-end products such as LVF, the prices are roughly the same.

Vinyl is the winner in a “laminate vs. vinyl” situation when it comes to durability. Laminate is easy to scratch and its corners can chip, while vinyl stands up much better to scratches and wear, but it’s softer, so it can tear easier than laminate flooring can. Overall, vinyl is more durable when it comes to everyday wear, especially with pets or children.

Vinyl is again the winner if you’re looking for a waterproof product. While there are laminate products that claim to be extremely water-resistant, no laminate product is completely waterproof. Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, offers waterproof flooring that can even withstand a flood and come out looking great in the end.

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