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Laminate vs. vinyl: Know the difference

When people start out on their first floor renovation, they often have a hard time keeping the various materials straight in their heads. It's easy to understand why, though, because there are so many materials out there to choose from! Well, nowhere is this tendency more pronounced than the issue of laminate vs. vinyl flooring.
There are some pretty serious misconceptions about these two materials, some people even think they are the same thing! Here is everything you need to know about the difference between vinyl and laminate flooring.
One is waterproof, one isn't
For the first round of laminate vs. vinyl, we have the waterproof round! Laminate flooring is made of 99% wood product, making it far less than ideal for rooms where water is a concern. Conversely, vinyl flooring is made from 100% plastic products, and is impervious to water damage because of it.
If you are looking for a floor that can reliably stand up to moisture, the clear winner of the round is vinyl!
Resale value
For the second round in the laminate vs. vinyl showdown, we look at resale value. While vinyl flooring has been inching upward in this regard, the resale edge still goes to laminate. Laminate flooring doesn't carry the same stigma as vinyl flooring, and tends to not put prospective buyers off quite as much as vinyl does. Obviously, solid hardwood or engineered hardwood perform better in this regard, but when it comes to laminate vs. vinyl, laminate is the clear winner of the resale round!
The environment
The final round in the big laminate vs. vinyl bout is the environmental impact round! Laminate flooring has a bit of an advantage here, but recent industry shifts are making vinyl flooring a more environmentally-friendly option, even as we speak.
For the time being, you get some off-gassing that is considered environmentally unsafe with laminate, but the bulk of the material is wood, which is extremely environmentally-friendly. On the vinyl side, it doesn't biodegrade in landfills. In short, neither of these materials is as environmentally-friendly as something like bamboo or hardwood, but neither is extremely detrimental to the environment either. We'll just have to call this round a draw!
Need some helping making your decision?
While we hope this cleared up a few of your questions about the laminate vs. vinyl flooring debate, we are sure you have more to ask! The best way to get started would be to contact our about Floors n' More showroom in Jacksonville, FL, to arrange for a free consultation and estimate.
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