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Laminate Flooring: Easy On the Eyes, Durable and Affordable

Okay, so we’re sure you’re asking what-in-the-world do carb cravings have to do with flooring: https://www.news4jax.com/health/how-to-break-carb-... by Lisa Drayer.

Well, we’ll tell you! This story talks about how to break carb cravings once and for all. We’re going to tell you how to break your craving for natural flooring types once and for all because, let’s face it, it can be awfully sad when your heart is yearning for one thing, but your wallet just won’t allow it.

Cheer up, here’s the good news: You have a great option, and that’s laminate. It’s stylish, with a remarkably similar look of hardwood, stone, or tile. In fact, many have difficulty discerning laminate from other types of flooring. Laminate is durable and affordable, and in Jacksonville, Fl there’s just one place to purchase it: About Floors ‘n More.

We want you to know about laminate (and other flooring types) because Jacksonville, FL, was named this year as one of the 10 big American cities with the fast-growing economy, which means house sales will most likely increase, in turn, creating your need.

Laminate is a synthetic layered flooring, consisting of a backing (which helps it resist water), an inner core (usually fiberboard and resin, which resists water even more), and then another layer which is a photographic image of hardwood, tile, or stone. The final top layer is called the “wear layer,” consisting of a clear melamine plastic. This is the layer that makes it stain, scratch, and fade-resistant, perfect in sunny and hot Florida, and great if your household has kids or pets.

Now, stop before you get visions of Grandma’s old laminate flooring, because the laminate of today is unlike that of years ago. These days, it’s a fashionable, interior design product, with a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and hardwood specie looks (including the exotics.) Special effects, like hand-scraping, and weathered looks, make the laminate even more realistic. Laminate flooring adds style to any room and any environment.

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