Laminate Floor: The Look of Wood for Less

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Nothing compares to the elegant charm of wood flooring, but often, budget constraints often prevent homeowners from getting hardwood. This, of course, goes on top of the maintenance work you have to do if you use the material.

This dilemma, however, shouldn't be a depressing notion for those who want that rustic charm. Thanks to laminate flooring, it's possible to achieve that timeless look without spending too much on your renovation budget.

The Price

If there's one core benefit of getting laminate flooring, it's the price. At a fraction of the cost of real hardwood floor, you can easily recreate the ambience of your favorite log cabin. For every budget-conscious homeowner, the dollars you could possibly save on flooring is invaluable, as you could divert the budget to your emergency fund or other home projects.

The Quality

Some might say that the quality of laminate is inferior due to its price. Contrary to this belief, however, laminate flooring is durable.

Laminate tiles consist of four parts: the backing layer, core, photographic layer, and wear layer. These four levels make sure that the design of the board would remain intact while still providing the finest quality it could give. Maintenance work is also fairly easy, as you wouldn't have to deal with grout like you would with tile or other issues you would normally encounter with wood, vinyl, and other materials.

With the right research, you can find a highly durable set of tiles for your home.

The Options

Flexibility is also another characteristic of laminate flooring. You don't have to limit yourself to the notion that your floor should resemble redwood, as you definitely have a lot of options to choose from. Depending on the dealer, you have a specific set of colors to choose from.

It's also worth pointing out that laminate flooring isn't limited to the look of wood alone. Some types of it replicate the look of slate and tile, thus providing you with more options for the project.

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