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Keep Your Hardwood Floors Shiny

Hardwood floors are one of the bigger ticket flooring options out there on the market. The price tag is worth it, however. They add class and elegance to any space, and lend a certain warmth and hominess to your house that just can't be beat. If you're going to invest in hardwood floors, About Floors 'n' More feels that you should know how to maintain them properly.

Preventative maintenance of hardwood floors is pretty straightforward. There are really only a few simple things you need to know to keep your floors shining like new for years to come. The number one thing to know is that you simply cannot allow standing water to remain on them for too long. Standing water will cause your hardwood floors to warp or buckle, and that's a far worse problem than just the loss of a bit of shine and much harder and more costly to fix.

Just make sure that you clean up any spilled liquids as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Also be sure to use a mop that has been well wrung out. It is also highly recommended you place waterproof floor mats by any door that might lead to the outside, to keep people from tracking in water from the rain.

The other big thing to be on the lookout for is dirt or sand build-up. It's important to sweep or vacuum you hardwood floors very frequently. Dirt and sand are abrasive and can erode the finish of your hardwood floor.

Be sure to use either a micro fiber cloth, or a very soft bristled broom when sweeping. When using a vacuum, be sure that the hardwood floor setting is turned on- the beater brush for carpets will really do a number on the shine of your floor if you are not careful.

Finally, never slide your furniture when moving it. Always be sure to lift. If lifting is not an option for you, you should place soft footing stickers on the bottom of the contact points. Just make sure to change those out from time to time as they have a tendency to trap dirt that will abrade your floor like sandpaper.

With these few tips, you should be able to keep your hardwood floors shiny and looking new for a very long time. A little elbow grease and caution now could save you some money on refinishing later. For more information on hardwood flooring contact About Floors n' More in Jacksonville, FL today.