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Jacksonville Homeowners Ask: Is a Wood Flooring Installation Right for Me?

Congrats! You’re finally getting the hardwood flooring you’ve been yearning for all these years. They add warmth, richness and elegance to any home.

You still have some concerns, so here are answers to commonly-asked questions about a wood flooring installation. If you have more concerns, don’t hesitate to drop into the About Floors ‘n More showroom in Jacksonville, FL to talk to one of our experts.

1. Q: I live in hot, humid and sometimes stormy Florida. I’ve heard about wood flooring and its tendency to expand or shrink. Will this still work for me?

A. Yes! First, you need to know there are two types of wood: Solid and engineered hardwood. Solid goes all the way through, so the fibers are vertical, and it can expand and shrink, but our experts can show you ways to minimize that from happening. The other type is engineered. The construction is different, making it a layered product and, as a result, the fibers criss-cross, making it more stable and water resistant. This type does not expand or shrink. It also gives you a little more versatility in installation because, unlike solid, it can be installed in high-moisture areas like basements.

A word of caution, though: Never submerge it in water, because no flooring can take that!

2. Q: Can it withstand pets or kids?

A. Sure. Keep pet nails trimmed and, if you can’t, place some area rugs strategically in certain areas. It’s pretty durable, but if you have running kids or heavy foot traffic, choose a particularly strong species. When a wood floor looks scratched or worn, very often it’s in the veneer, and not the wood itself, so a simple refinishing will do the trick. When it happens, talk to your flooring retailer.

3. Q: Can’t I just install it myself?

A: No! Not only are there special tools required, but the subfloor needs to be properly prepared to be sure it works with this flooring. Installers do this for a living, so they buy in bulk, but you’ll be paying retail. You also probably won’t be covered by the warranty if you DIY. The manufacturers have specific guidelines, and if they aren’t followed precisely, damage, even through no fault of your own, will not be covered.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to talk to About Floors ‘n More in Jacksonville, FL.