Jacksonville, FL Tops List of Moving Destinations

Jacksonville, FL Tops List of Moving Destinations

If you have been wondering if there are more people moving into Jacksonville than ever before, the answer is yes. A recent study was undertaken to find out which places in America were the most active in terms of people moving into them. Jacksonville made the list, and actually made the top spot of the ten cities studied. The reasons for so many coming to town are jobs and good weather. Here is the beginning of the story that we saw, you may find it interesting:

“There are tons of reasons for moving — job changes, family additions and upgraded housing offerings are just a few that top the list. No matter the motivation, millions of Americans will be putting up a "for sale" sign in 2017. Curious where they're going? We were, too.”

Source: www.patch.com

The article goes on to give some details on each of the ten locations, and does a good job of explaining why our city is so popular.

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