Jacksonville FL Homeowners Win The Great Debate When to Switch Out Your Carpet

Jacksonville FL Homeowners Win The Great Debate When to Switch Out Your Carpet

A favorite cake is made from organic oranges and pineapples. While an organic orange is almost “funny-looking,” it comes right off the vine and tastes so much better. It is completely pure, with no chemicals, pesticides or hormones. It’s also fragrant, and the cake gets an aromatic that just can’t be found in a conventionally-grown orange.

Make no mistake, though, organic produce is a lot more expensive. So what’s the compromise, and when is it worth it to switch from conventionally grown to organic? Read about this Great Debate in News 4 Jax. Com: www.news4jax.com

Here’s another Great Debate: Carpet can be expensive, so when is the best time to “switch it out?” The experts at About Floors n’ More explain:

1. If you’re finding yourself constantly covering up certain carpet areas with an area rug or mat (and not for decorative purposes!), and those areas seem to keep increasing, it’s time for new carpet. Professional carpet cleaners are really very good at removing stains, but even if you do wipe them up quickly, they’ll eventually absorb into the padding, and that’s going to lead to a buildup of mold and mildew which will affect the carpet itself.
2. Are you seeing increased allergy and asthma symptoms? Older carpets collect more allergens and dust mites, and that could be the culprit.
3. Is the carpet padding worn and stained? Padding acts as a foundation for the carpet, and can really extend its life. It also collects a lot of stains and spills and buffers sounds. If it the padding has wrinkles or sounds creaky when you walk over it, maybe it’s time to replace it; since many carpets come pre-padded, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to only replace one. Usually, you have to replace both the padding and the carpet.
4. Is the carpet torn? This circles back to the first question, if you find yourself, more and more, using area rugs to cover the torn spots.
5. Does the carpet smell funny? Sometimes, especially if you have a dog or cat, you’ll notice a lingering smell. That should disappear entirely, though, with a professional carpet cleaning, so if it doesn’t….

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