Jacksonville City Council Authorizes Release of 101 Properties for Affordable Housing Units

Jacksonville City Council Authorizes Release of 101 Properties for Affordable Housing Units

As you may already know, there has been a lot of talk about the shortage of affordable housing in the Jacksonville area. This is not a new issue, and many ideas have been presented on ways to fix this problem. One idea seems to moving forward as the City Council has just authorized the release of more than 100 properties to be used for development of more affordable housing. Here is the first part of an article that alerted us to this:

“A bill authorizing the release of 101 properties from Jacksonville’s surplus properties list cleared its first Jacksonville City Council committee Tuesday.
Neighborhoods, Community Investments, and Services approved the measure that would, if approved by the full council next week, release the properties housed in five different council districts for the development of affordable housing. The properties, with a value of $780,000, run the gamut from a $140 vacant lot to a $59,000 single family home.”

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