Waterproof Flooring | Jacksonville, FL

It only takes an inch of water...

….To damage the furniture, belongings, and flooring, and that's why you need waterproof flooring. Yes, weather plays a big part, but so do leaky pipes, appliance floods, missing roof shingles and more. That’s why you need waterproof flooring.

Don’t think you’re safe either if you have homeowners or flood insurance. (The people of the Northeast got a rude awakening when Hurricane Sandy hit).

What is waterproof flooring WPC?

This is the latest generation of luxury vinyl (LVF). When the flooring is waterproof you’ll get all of the style and features of LVF, but want extra level of protection.

This flooring has a technologically advanced WPC (wood plastic composite) core that just won’t peel or ripple no matter how much water it sees. Typically, LVF has a PVC (vinyl composite) core, but this one makes the vinyl (including the protective top wear sheet) thicker, sturdier and waterproof.

What floods and leaks can do

Remember that any insurer expects the homeowner to take precautions to prevent the problem from happening.

If a high wind during a rainstorm damages a roof and causes a flood that might be covered. Alternatively, if a washing machine hose is old, should have been replaced and corrodes and causes a flood, it most likely won’t.

Always check with your insurance agent to find out exactly what and when something is covered. Prevention is always better than treatment.

●It can travel to nearby rooms and destroy those floors. Waterproof flooring will stop it in its tracks, but if there’s enough it can move and destroy the flooring in another nearby area.
●Create rust. In turn, that will create mechanical problems because things won’t work well, if at all.
●Start the growth of mold. It can happen in as little as 12 hours. Once the mold spores attach, you will have a smell you can’t get rid of, as well as respiratory problems such as runny eyes and coughing.
●Delamination. Carpets have a backing; when they get wet, they can separate, destroying the adhesive that holds it together and makes the rug wrinkle, ripple and buckle. It’s not just carpet, either. Hardwood floors can warp and cup with the planks no longer fitting correctly. Sagging in wood subfloors can occur. Laminate can swell.

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