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Is luxury vinyl plank flooring durable?

Extreme durability is just one of the many benefits of luxury vinyl plank (LVP), a true-to-life echo of hardwood flooring. This form of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) refers to the vinyl being cut into planks and mounted on boards to echo wood floors and is so sturdy it’s considered one of the most pet-and-kid friendly floorings around.

The wear layer makes it virtually indestructible

It is sometimes said that the wear layer is like a beefy security guard for luxury vinyl. The top, clear, melamine sheet guards the floor against scratches and scuffs, making it impossible for footsteps to wear off the image. Credit also needs to be given to vinyl, which is a tough material.  The luxury version of vinyl should be at least 8-mm thick, while wear layers should measure 20-mil or higher in thickness.

Style, waterproof capabilities, savings, and more

Luxury vinyl plank flooring and LVT flooring are 100% water-repellent, so they’re great for high moisture areas like the bath, kitchen, or laundry room, but so fashionable we see it in every room in the house. Some of those houses are structures where once nothing but genuine wood, stone, or tile would be considered.

Images are taken with digital photography, so you’ll see wormholes, raised grains, swirls, and veining variations with vivid colors and patterns. Micro beveling and embossing give it depth, dimension, and textured appearances, with the material being so realistic that sometimes even the experts have difficulty telling it from the real thing. You won’t pay nearly the same price as you would for wood or stone, however.

LVF is low maintenance, with only a daily sweeping and weekly mopping needed. Installation can be a fast and uncomplicated floating floor, which is click, mat, and hover and subfloors need to be clean, dry, and level. As a note, if subfloors aren’t level, installers will sand them since imperfections can sometimes be seen on the surface.

If you haven’t already been introduced to LVP, come into our showroom to explore it. You’ll see how it can transform your home and your life. The About Floors n’ More showroom is in Jacksonville and Jacksonville (Mandarin), FL, and we work with homeowners in Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Neptune. Ask about your free luxury vinyl estimate.