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Is luxury vinyl flooring suitable for humid areas?

Luxury vinyl is a terrific, affordable, and realistic alternative to wood, tile, and stone, with the added benefit of being one of the best floorings for humid climates like Florida. It doesn’t absorb moisture as quickly as some other floorings, making it ideal for wet rooms like baths, kitchens, and below-grade areas, but I don't think you need to compromise on style.  We see it in every room in the house, with some of those being high-end homes where not so long ago only genuine wood or stone would be considered.

100% waterproof

Whether it’s in the form of a luxury vinyl plank (vinyl strips mounted on boards to resemble hardwood) or LVT flooring (square, groutable tile-sized pieces), this material is entirely impervious to liquid.  What waterproof products mean is that they are constructed with watertight materials, in this case, vinyl.  The core is also made of vinyl composites, making that water-repellent as well.

Affordable style

The word “luxury” doesn’t always translate to “high maintenance” or “expensive.”  This is neither.  The images, taken with 3D photography, are true-to-life with micro beveling and embossing for added depth, dimension, and textured appearances. The material is available in mat, gloss, and high gloss colors. If you have vinyl plank flooring with a high gloss finish, you'll have something that looks like it came out of the design pages, and it's so realistic, sometimes even flooring experts have difficulty discerning that from genuine wood.

While the plank form is mainly associated with hardwood, some prefer it for stone imitations.  The large format and fewer seams give it a more continuous look like that of quarried stone. Alternatively, some prefer extra seams and take it further by using grout for LVT.

Also, it is easy to care for with daily sweeping and weekly mopping. Just avoid waxy, shine-promoting cleaners because they can damage the finish. Installation can be a fast and uncomplicated floating floor that is click, mat, and hover.

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