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Is luxury vinyl flooring cold?

Some believe that all hard surface flooring is cold to the touch, but you might be surprised to find that generally isn't the case. Instead, luxury vinyl can offer a warmer touch than many in its niche, so read along now to find out more about this floor covering.

Warm-up to luxury vinyl plank

Unlike some hard surface flooring materials, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) offers an underlayment that can add comfort, noise reduction, and a warmer touch, all at the same time. Some homeowners even install this flooring over their thermal heating, which means the floor is always welcoming and cozy.

The fact is, your flooring has no capability of heating or cooling but instead reacts to the temperature in the room already. Therefore, if you keep your home warm, the floors will be warm as well, and likewise, if your house is colder in general, your flooring will follow suit.

If you’d like to install luxury vinyl floors and add a touch of warmth and softness additionally, consider placing comfortable area rugs in front of sofas, beds, and anywhere children play. We’ll make sure you get the results you want and need, so speak with an associate at length while you’re here.

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