Is it essential to coordinate backsplashes and countertops?

Is it essential to coordinate backsplashes and countertops?

When it’s time for a new backsplash in Jacksonville, FL, you may wonder if coordinating your countertops is a good idea at the same time. Of course, the answer may differ, depending on the factors, and we can help you determine your best route for any size remodel.

Be ready to share your existing countertop information and your desire for your kitchen space. Here are some facts to consider as you begin the process.

To coordinate or not to coordinate

Coordinating is always the best choice if you want or need the perfect match between countertops and backsplashes. However, coordination isn't always necessary if you use backsplash tiles to create an accent wall or focal point.

Another way to work with your existing countertops is to use a neutral backsplash style that's made to fit in with extensive style and design elements. And since each home is vastly unique, you can do this in many ways.

Mosaics offer impressive customizations, which work well with extensive design motifs, especially in the kitchen. However, you might prefer an option that provides crisp, clean lines and neutrals colors that stand the test of time.

Consider a subway tile backsplash to glean from the best advantages, including shape, size, and installation layout. This classic look may never go out of style.

The best backsplash materials

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