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If You Think Jacksonville is Hurricane Prone, You are Right

Have you ever wondered if certain parts of Florida are more prone to being hit by hurricanes than other parts of the state? The answer appears to be yes, and the city of Jacksonville is on the list of the most places most likely to experience hurricane damage. The results of a recent of study just came out, and About Floors n' More thought we would share it with you.

“Though Hurricane Matthew failed to make landfall in the continental U.S., its path brought strong winds, heavy rain and flooding to much of the Southeast Coast. Earlier this month, Matthew’s path of destruction impacted several of the 10 cities most vulnerable to hurricane damage, according to CoreLogic, a real estate data provider. According to the firm, the majority of American cities most prone to hurricanes lie along the Florida coast.”


The article goes on to share some interesting details and facts, including the fact that Jacksonville has about 166,000 homes. Some of these homes have experienced water damage from flooding from Hurricane Matthew. For many of these homes, new flooring will be needed as repairs are made.

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