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Ideal Hardwood Floors for Nooks, Crannies, and Other Small Spaces

When it comes to choosing hardwood floors for nooks, crannies, and other small spaces, you'll need to set aside some time for thoughtful layout consideration. There may not be much room to work with, but don't become frustrated by the tiny size of your space. Instead, have fun finding out what hardwood flooring varieties, tones, and configurations will dazzle up that unique and adorable little location. Will it be a children's play corner with white-washed hardwood floors? Or an itty-bitty reading nook with an onyx colored wood finish for grandma? Have a blast with this flooring adventure!

It's All About Sunshine and Lighting
Although it's not always the case, tinier spaces usually have less light than larger rooms. Assess how much sunshine filters into your space, and whether you'll have to purchase additional lighting such as lamps or fixtures. Typically, in smaller areas, lighter shades of hardwood floors are ideal. On the other hand, dark colored wood floors can look fantastic in small rooms, but only if there is ample sunlight.

What Size is Your Nook, Cranny, or Corner?
Hardwood floors are manufactured in various lengths and widths, from long, slim strips to short, wide flooring sections. Regardless of the plank dimensions, you'll want to avoid a busy, cluttered-looking hardwood floor in your smaller space. To do so, stick with wide wood planks, but skip the fancy multi-colored variations.

A Fine Wood Finish for a Fabulous Floor
In tinier spaces and smaller rooms, hand-scraped wood floors create a softer looking space, even though this type of flooring does have a slight patterned appearance. What's more, the somewhat grainy flooring texture allows floor seams to blend better, and conceals any dents and dings, resulting in a more symmetrically consistent appearance.

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