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How to Choose Materials for Your Fireplace Surrounds and Hearths

A fireplace is bound to be the focal point in any room where you find one. Once you understand this basic fact, it becomes apparent that choosing the right materials to complement your decor, makes all the difference in whether your fireplace meshes or clashes with your overall aesthetic. For instance, you wouldn't expect a sleek, ultramodern living room with matte black floors and shiny gray walls, to have a rustic stone fireplace surround. It just wouldn't fit!

So, you might be wondering, "Which materials mesh well with which styles?". Well, we're glad you asked!


Steel is a fairly versatile material, due to the fact that it can be brushed and treated in a number of ways that drastically alter its appearance and finish. Largely, this material is great for creating a modern, upscale industrial atmosphere, especially when paired with more rustic looking woods, like hand-scraped or distressed wood flooring or paneling.


Versatile, inexpensive, and durable, concrete is an excellent choice for fireplace surrounds and hearths, in homes that have a more contemporary decor. The wide selection of colors and textures allow for unique and almost limitless design options. Functionally, it also holds the heat from the fireplace better than many materials, and helps keep your home cozy and warm.


For homes that are aiming for a more rustic look, you really can't go wrong with stone. Not only do stone fireplace surrounds and hearths look great, but they also trap and radiate the heat from your fireplace, and help maintain a nice even level of warmth throughout the home.

Rustic isn't the only application for stone, however. There are many great fireplace surround and mantel designs that use clean and elegant stone cuts that simply ooze modernity and contemporary appeal.

Is it Time to Update Your Fireplace Surround and Hearth?

If your fireplace could use a face-lift, About Floors n' More would love to help! We have a wide selection of materials and designs to help you create the perfect, stunning fireplace surround and hearth for your home's aesthetic. Contact our showroom in Jacksonville, FL, to arrange for your free consultation and get started on the path to your stunning new fireplace!