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How to Care for Your New Floors After a Wood Flooring Installation

Congratulations! You've picked out your new wood flooring, had it installed, and now you are wondering how to make sure that it stays as shiny and pristine as it is now. No worries, About Floors N' More has your back!

We've thrown together this quit primer on how to maintain the lustrous shine and smooth finish of your new flooring, whether it's engineered hardwood, or traditional hardwood flooring. Luckily, flooring made from wood is super-easy to maintain when installed correctly. Here's everything you need to know.

Moisture is Your Worst Enemy

The most important thing to remember about keeping your new wooden floors in sterling condition, is that wood and water just don't mix. Drastic changes in humidity or water left to sit on the floors, will cause all sorts of problems with your wood floors. Warping, cupping, shifting, and mold are just a few of the problems you can expect if you aren't vigilant about moisture.

Be sure to clean up any liquid spills immediately, avoid wet mops, and minimize the amount of water coming into the house from outdoors. A great way to do this is to institute a no-shoes policy, and set up waterproof mats at all entrances to the house. You will probably also want to get some waterproof area rugs to put in front of the sink, if you have wood floors in the kitchen or bathroom.

The Broom is Your Best Friend

The second major cause of deterioration of your floors is the erosion of your flooring's finish from contact with gritty debris, sand, or dirt. This means it is incredibly important that you sweep or vacuum your floors frequently, to minimize damage from these causes.

If you use a vacuum, be sure to disengage your beater brush before using it on your wooden floors. Your vacuum's beater brush can do to your floors in a few simple passes, what weeks of erosion from tracked-in sand could do.

Are You Looking for Flooring Help?

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