How to Care for and Maintain Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are essentially designed to have easy maintenance and care. Before you clean laminate, you should vacuum with a soft-bristle brush or sweep up excess dirt that could scrape the laminate if build up occurs. Similar to wood floors, you should avoid soaking wet mops.

However, the nice thing about laminate flooring is that you have the ability to use a damp maintenance routine. Lightly spray a laminate cleaner on a duster, wipe the duster across the floor and dry immediately. On a daily basis, Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Hardwood & Laminate Flooring Cleaner can be used to wipe up spills and spots with a clean white cloth. Stubborn stains such as tar, paint or marker can be removed with an acetone-based fingernail polish remover. It is best to use this sparingly and to wipe dry immediately.

To maintain the slickest and shiniest laminate floors, cover high-traffic areas with nice area rugs to reduce the wear and tear on the flooring. You can also attach protective pads to the legs of heavy furniture to minimize scratches and damage to the floors. Maintaining a “no cleats or heels in the house” rule can also minimize damage to the floor, as cleats and heels can scuff the flooring. Try to cover any windows where the sun or heat comes in directly to prevent discoloring.