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How is waterproof flooring installed?

The installation process is different from flooring material to flooring material, and it's normal to wonder how your new flooring is installed. Today, we will discuss some facts about waterproof installation so you will better understand the process, so read along to learn more.

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A professional installation is the best way to protect your investment, with experienced, qualified personnel working to ensure the most delicate details. We will explain your entire install as soon as you choose a specific material, but here are some general facts to help you understand the process.

For any flooring installation, waterproof floors included, proper subfloor preparation is your first consideration. This process comprises stripping old flooring, leveling any uneven surfaces, and thoroughly cleaning the area.

Next, the underlayment is put into place if one is to be installed separately. Some waterproof floors have underlayment attached as part of the product, and in such case, would require no separate underlay.

Finally, the flooring itself is installed with decorative trim around the edges where the flooring meets the wall. This adds a gorgeous, finished look that provides both satisfaction and peace of mind.

Stop by today to find out more about your precise flooring installation. We look forward to sharing that information.

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When you need waterproof flooring in Jacksonville, About Floors n More is a great place to choose your products and services. Our technicians are experienced and dedicated to ensuring your best solutions, no matter how big or small the remodel.

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