Tile backsplash in Jacksonville, FL from About Floors n More

How high should my backsplash go?

The standard backsplash is four inches high, and often it’s a slab of countertop that extends up the wall to catch grease splatters or spills. On some countertops, it’s part of the unit, while, on others, it's secured to the countertop. This is the typical construction method, and if you decide to update it with, say, a tile backsplash, you’ll need to remove the original one first.

today can go higher or lower depending on style preference, layout, and cabinet height. The current trend is to remove upper cabinets, and, without them, backsplashes can extend from floor to ceiling and wrap-around countertops and between windows and open storage.

The benefit of the two-inch backsplash

A tile trim, or no backsplash at all, could be your answer to the perfect kitchen or bath because it just blends in with the rest of the room. While you’ll have a little decorative element, it doesn’t become the focal point or have any loud personality. Two-inch backsplashes are also the answer if you have any gaps between wall and counter or need a little side splash (that section of wall near the faucet or range). Sometimes the upper cabinet stops just short of the counter area, leaving a couple of inches for a trim.

Creative uses of the four-inch backsplash

From a budget point of view, less space translates to less cost, so the sky's the limit with unusual shapes, such as Arabesque, or patterns such as the chevron, herringbone, or encaustic.

Right now, textures are in, so you can splurge on that stacked stone backsplash you’ve always wanted. If you want to add a sense of elegance and luxury, go with marble or stone tiles or a stone backsplash.

A great backsplash combines style and functionality and, while they don’t need to be exact matches with your countertop, they can’t clash either. The About Floors n’ More experts will help you sort it out, so you get the exact right one for your home. Please stop into our showroom in either Jacksonville or Mandarin), FL. We’re convenient to Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Neptune, and will also give you a free estimate for your backsplash project.