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How do I match my backsplash to my countertops?

There's nothing quite as visually refreshing as seeing that your backsplash and countertops match, especially if you have a tile backsplash. These beautiful pieces are the perfect addition to kitchens and bathrooms alike, and we'll tell you more about how you can match these two easily.

A tile backsplash sets the stage

Choosing a glass tile for your backsplashes in a similar look to your countertops seem like an easy option for matching. However, simply matching materials, colors, and sizes, can leave you with a drab look and feel.

At the most basic level of interior design is the question to match or contrast, and either can be a great idea, depending on your overall style. In some rooms, matching might give you the best visual appeal, while other rooms might benefit more from a stark contrast between these two focal points.

You can also work with shapes, formats, and lines, all of which can be accomplished during your backsplash installation. For instance, creating mosaics that use lines and format and color shades, and traditional designs is a great way to customize any space.

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