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How Can Wood Flooring Help You Achieve the Look You Want?

One of the most crucial aspects of achieving a specific aesthetic for your home, is choosing the right floors. There's a lot a hardwood flooring installation can do to serve as the backbone of any design project, because the floor is the most continuous and visually dominant aspect of your home. It is the foundation upon which all other design choices rest. You have to get it right!

If you are reading this because you are looking for design tips, it's highly likely we aren't the first flooring blog you've visited in your search for answers. You've probably seen a number of really slick designs, and are probably starting to wonder how to get something like that for your home. So, About Floors n' More had our design team throw together this quick guide to the three most popular design themes we get asked about, and how to achieve them in your home. Let's see what they came up with!

Rustic Cabin or Country Cottage

If rustic country charm, or the rugged mountain cabin look is up your alley, you're definitely going to want to go with something like a wide-plank, hand-scraped wood flooring installation. The wide planks allow the grain of your hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring to really take center stage, and the details of the hand-scraping really add a bespoke quality to your decor, that just oozes country charm.

Modern Sophistication

If country charm isn't quite your bag, you might want to leap over to the other end of the spectrum, and go for full-on modern chic. The best way to go about getting that look, is to go for minimalism in your accent choices, and lay down flooring that is either dark gray or even jet black.

For the super-modern look, avoid matte finishes and go for a glossy one that adds a little shine, and helps your floors really stand out without being too loud. Toss in a few splashes of color with your accents in strategic places, to keep the eye moving through the room, and guide it to your most striking design elements.

Coastal Beach House

Who doesn't love to spend a little time out at the beach in a charming little beach house? The bright, airy spaces, the washed out driftwood, and the found objects you often find in these places, seem to create a world apart from the crazy hullabaloo of the daily grind. Why not have that feeling at home? It's easier than you might think!

All you need to do is lay down a long, thin planked wood flooring installation that is lighter in color. We're talking about light blond woods, whitewashed planks, or even washed-out reclaimed wood that looks like driftwood. After that, stick to cheery, lighter colors or whites, and accent with some found coastal objects. Glass bobbers, thick rope, netting, coral and seashells, are all great accents you can pepper around the house to create the ultimate beach home all year long!

What Look Are You Hunting For?

These three popular looks only scratch the surface of the unending range of design possibilities available. If you would like some professional help in achieving your desired look, About Floors n' More is here to help!

Simply call, email, or stop by our showroom in Jacksonville, FL, to have a look around and consult with our friendly staff of flooring professionals. We'd love to help you find the flooring you are looking for, and arrange for a free consultation and estimate, to get you on the road to a new look for your home!