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Here’s Why Jacksonville Homeowners Love Carpet

At Jacksonville’s Riverside Arts Market, which is being held on every Saturday morning until January 2018, you’ll be able to find one-of-a-kind art pieces: by Charlott Parrott.

At Floors n’ More you can buy carpet that will make your home a one of a kind gem. Select a neutral color, and all you’ll need to do is change the accessories for your mini remodel, and voila! You’ve just designed a new room.

There are more reasons to choose carpet, such as style and versatility. With all the available colors and patterns, you’ll find something for any environment; carpet also gives a feeling of luxury. Have you ever walked into any hotel, be it luxury or mid-priced, and NOT seen carpet?

There are even more reasons why it’s a great choice:

● Carpet shields you from the cold. Although Floridians don’t need to worry about cold winters, like our Northern friends, we do have some chilly mornings. Wouldn’t it be nice to place your feet on warm, soft carpet, rather than a cold, hard surface, when your feet touch the ground every morning?
● It makes the room look larger. Carpet, especially when it’s wall-to-wall, doesn’t break the room up with rugs, so the room just looks bigger.
● It reduces noise. A lot of apartments still require that at least 70 percent of a home be carpeted if you have pets. That’s because carpet absorbs noise (especially when you have padding), as well as the vibrations from electronics like televisions.
● It eliminates “hard fall worries.” Some types of flooring have hard surfaces. Still others are slippery, like when you wash those glass floor tiles. Carpet is soft, so no worries if anyone falls. It also gives a bit of traction, so racing kids and pets won’t be running into any walls.
● Durability. Get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year; when it's properly maintained, it will last for years.
● Carpet is easy to maintain. Vacuum it often (preferably every day) and get it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Some carpets have stain-resistant technology, so blotting with a little warm water can do the trick.

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