Modern backsplash in a Jacksonville, FL kitchen with natural cabinetry

Here are some facts about backsplashes

Backsplashes are an essential part of kitchens and bathrooms, helping to protect the wall behind counters, stoves, and other areas. They should be easy to clean and consist of materials that will last, saving you money over time through longevity and no need for replacement.

These pieces add a distinctive element for your décor as well, with styles, patterns, colors, and plenty of room for personalization. Tile is a common material for these and can be used to create a fantastic variety that can complement your existing décor or stand out as its element.

What backsplashes can do for you

In the kitchen, splashing is not optional. It happens when we do the dishes, rinse things in the sink, or prepare meals. Having a great kitchen backsplash in place means protection for your walls and a much easier cleanup process as well, especially with specific materials. Tile, for instance, does not harbor mold, mildew, or bacteria, so it’s naturally the healthier choice.

There are plenty of other material options for your backsplashes, so you’ll get the look you prefer with ease. Not only can this area be a focal point in any home, but you can also go further to create amazing appearances for continuity in this frequently used space. Backsplashes can even help to cover and seal gaps in counters that might not be flush with the wall. It provides a seamless aesthetic appeal that brings deep peace of mind to those easy to spoil areas.

Don’t forget to ask about products that have specific water and stain resistance properties. This not only makes them extremely beneficial but much easier to keep clean.

We make sure you get the perfect backsplashes

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