Hardwood Color Tones Matter and We Have Them All!

Hardwood Color Tones Matter and We Have Them All!

When you are considering new hardwood flooring, one of the most important issues to decide upon early, is which color tone will best meet your needs. Unlike the past, there are, today, many colors for homeowners to consider when buying new wood flooring. At About Floors n' More in Jacksonville, FL, we have them all! And, that means that YOU have them all when you shop with us.

In very broad terms, there are three color tones: Light, medium, and dark. But, there are many shades within each of these color tones, as well. For instance, under the “light” category, you can find flooring that is nearly white, as well as options such as hand-crafted walnut alabaster, which is a bit darker. Our selections under Medium and Dark are very impressive, and we are confident that all who shop with is will be able to get exactly what they want to meet their décor needs.

Interior designers suggest that lighter tones can make a room or space look larger, while darker tones can make a room or space look more intimate and cozy. So, knowing the overall purpose of the room is a good start, when shopping for new hardwood flooring.

It is always important to buy from reputable flooring manufacturers, if one wants to avoid disappointment later. Our customers can buy from brand names such as Mohawk, Mannington, Harris Wood, and Columbia Flooring. As you may know, these are some of the very best manufacturers of quality flooring in the world. Because we carry these brand names, we are able to also carry their wonderful individual lines, giving you many different options in color tones, plank widths, surface prep (hand-scraped, distressed, matte, etc), and price points.

And did you know that our engineered hardwood flooring can be installed virtually anywhere in the home or office? It can even be installed below grade, which makes is perfect for those who want to renovate their basement.

Visit our About Floors n' More showroom in Jacksonville, FL when you want to see the very best in hardwood flooring.