Going Green from the Ground Up

green flooring in Jacksonville, FL For many of us, sustainability has always been something we wished to pursue, but didn’t know where to start to find what we needed in a product that was good for the planet as well. Especially in terms of flooring, many are daunted at the misconception that finding products that are durable, affordable, and still eco-friendly is a challenge. Yet in today’s markets, several manufacturers work to create ecological options for your home—two of which are bamboo and cork flooring, options that serve all of your needs as well as they so the environment’s.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing types of grass in the world. This means that it can be harvested without causing much fluctuation to the natural environment due to the fact that it as a resource will replenish itself quickly. This is one of the reasons why many consumers are turning to this resource for the flooring in their homes—not only is it a good solution for us, it’s a good solution for the environment. Another factor in bamboo flooring’s rise to popularity is its durability. The final product is suited to withstand the wear and tear of children and pets and is easy to clean. In regards to aesthetics, due to its composition, bamboo flooring can be carbonized, a process which eliminates the need for chemically treating it, and instead uses pressure heating to alter the colors to any effect that could be desired. Finally, it’s incredibly cost-effective and by far one of the best eco-friendly solutions for flooring in your home to be found on the market.

Cork flooring is another excellent option for an environmentally responsible flooring choice that’s just as good for you as it is for the planet. It’s made using tree bark, which replenishes itself quickly and allows for the tree to remain to grow and flourish between each harvest. Cork is a durable investment and is excellent for high-traffic areas. It’s also one of the most comfortable choices on the market—due to the air in all of the cork cells, the surface is gentle on those up and about a lot of the time and can reduce the effects of a fall. These same air pockets also make cork a natural insulator, allowing it to minimize the amount of heat or cold escaping from a room which can save some of the money that you spend on heating or cooling. Cork comes in a variety of natural patterns and can be stained to suit the design aesthetic of any space, making it a cheap, versatile, and green option for the flooring choice in your home.

Designing your house with the environment in mind can seem a daunting task, but with options like cork and bamboo on the market and the dedication of many manufacturers to be conscious of the environment, it has never been easier to find the sustainable solutions that you’ve always wanted at the prices you want too.