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Going beyond the “splash” in a backsplash

The primary function of backsplashes was once mainly functional, to trap any water and grease splatters. The idea was it could make kitchen cleaning easier.

While it still is but is now also a key design tool used to create visual interest and kitchen focal points.

What is a backsplash?

The technical definition is that it’s an area used to cover the space between the countertop and the cabinets, or the space behind the range.

is still the most popular choice in the kitchen but it now comes in a dizzying array of colors and patterns, from mosaics to colorful subways to glass tile. Glass tiles, sparkly little jewels that reflect light, are made from recycled glass handcrafted into various shapes and sizes; they are both durable and mold-resistant. Even subway tiles have come a long way, with a range of colors, shapes, and sizes.  People are mixing and matching designs to accent and highlight; they even insert accent tiles.

Some ideas for creating the Wow! Factor

One idea that stands out is the medallion. Run a tile backsplash the entire length of a countertop, but offset it with a centerpiece. That centerpiece can be designed with a different, cut coordinating, color or design and then framed with a border. You might also want to position it right over a key kitchen component, for instance, the stove or shelving to accent and highlight. You can either create your own or buy a ready-made medallion.

Another idea is to add a surprise factor. Many still think of subway tiles as the rectangles or in large sizes, but they come in all sizes. Use tiny ones in a bold color to not only add visual length but also interest.

Keep in mind that tiles today can be made to look like anything, from metallics to stone to leather, wood, and more. For a stunning rustic motif use a copper-colored slate tile on the kitchen backsplash and coordinate it with the floor. Don’t forget that backsplashes aren’t just seen in kitchens; they can be found as accent walls in living rooms or even in dining rooms to help guard against chair marks on walls.

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