Spills, Splashes and little flooring accidents

Spills, Splashes and little flooring accidents

A busy home can also mean lots of comings and goings with kids, sports equipment and pets in tow. Where there are kids and pets, there are usually accidents and spills that, if left unattended, can damage your floor coverings and even leave them smelling musty after a time. If these sound like the kind of challenges you deal with daily, perhaps it's time to consider how waterproof flooring can benefit your home. Wouldn't it be wonderful not to stress every time there's a juice or water spill? Or be worried each time you step out and leave Fido at home? Our knowledgeable staff at About Floors n' More, Jacksonville, FL, will provide you with floor covering options that are watertight and just right for you!.

Three possible waterproof flooring solutions for your home

Ceramic Tile:
Comes in almost any color, pattern or shape you can think of! This hard surface is easy to clean and maintain other than requiring the occasional grout sealant treatment. Water-repellent and waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, ceramic tiles come in various grades and thicknesses for a multitude of uses and jobs. It will stand up to kids and pets while keeping its beauty for many years.

This floor covering is generally water-resistant but not always waterproof! Depending on the type of vinyl flooring you select, spilled liquids may infiltrate (through vinyl plank seams, for example) and make their way to the subfloor to cause damage and odors in the long run. While this is a softer, more cushioned flooring option compared to tiles, selecting a waterproof vinyl with a thick wear layer will ensure a hardy floor that stands up to the daily rigors of life with kids and pets.​

Can provide lovely designer worthy, wood-look floors that are practical and can handle children's play and pawed friends. Does well in areas with low moisture levels but will not handle spills left for long periods. It cannot be wet-mopped and, therefore does not do well in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms or in any room that sees daily water action. You'll want to ask about variations that stand up to the daily messes of a busy homestead with pattering feet and paws!

Come visit our About Floors n' More showroom in Jacksonville, FL. We have skilled specialists who can help you find the perfect waterproof flooring solution for your home.