hardwood flooring installation

Get Your Hardwood Floors Installed Today by About Floors n’ More

Solid hardwood flooring has always been, and continues to be, one of the most popular floor coverings on the market. Homeowners love the elegance and timelessness that these floors offer, knowing that they can last well over a century with the right care and maintenance. With a life span like that, you want to make sure you get your hardwood floor installed by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing, and will get the job done right the first time.

That’s what you’ll get by allowing About Floors n’ More to get your hardwood floors installed. We strive to offer the absolute best in customer service, and installation of wood floors is one way we can do that. Let our experience speak for itself. You’ll wind up with a floor you’ll love, and professionals to call on at any time in the future. To discuss this process in more detail, feel free to stop by our Jacksonville, FL showroom at your convenience.

Installation of Hardwood Floors Takes Experience

Many times, the manufacturer’s warranty on your flooring material is dependent upon your having it professionally installed. Damaged incurred while attempting to install hardwood flooring yourself can often be excluded from warranty coverage, and cited as “improper installation”. To save yourself the trouble of losing your coverage, simply get your hardwood floor installed by About Floors n’ More.

Your home’s specific humidity levels and temperature mean that you’ll need to allow your flooring to acclimate, or expand and contract, before actually being installed. A professional installer will deliver and open your boxes of flooring to let them adapt to the environment in your home. If this isn’t done, then you could wind up with flooring that has large gaps in it, or becomes warped or buckled after installation.

Another reason professional installation is really the best idea for your hardwood floors, is that you will only pay for what is actually used. Attempting the install yourself is likely to leave you with large sections of hardwood that are only sawn off and thrown away, which winds up costing you more in the end.

Finally, professional installers are sure to have the exact tools needed to get the job done the right way the first time. Special saws and specific adhesives are mandatory to a good hardwood flooring installation, just to name a few. Better to hire a professional who already has them, than to have to buy them yourself for a one-time use.