hardwood flooring installation

Get Hardwood Floors Installed By About Floors ‘n More

Just thinking the word “hardwood” makes you automatically think of words like “elegant,” “luxury” and “rich.”

Of course, what probably doesn’t automatically come to mind, but is just as important, is the word “functional.” This flooring is easy to maintain and, with the right care, some can last for as many as 100 years, especially if you get your hardwood floor installed by a pro.

When you go shopping for your new wood floor, be prepared with some answers. The more information the pros at About Floors ‘n More have, the better they can point you in the right direction when you decide to get your hardwood floor installed.

Come into our showroom in Jacksonville, FL to let us show you how great a hardwood floor can be.

Which Hardwood is for You?

There are over 60,000 tree species and, right now, the most popular ones for a hardwood floor are oak, hickory/pecan, maple, cherry, walnut and pine.

Each hardwood has its own color, and some have more visible features like knots or raised grains, than others.

To help narrow it down, when you shop for a new hardwood floor think about:

1. Lifestyle
● Do you have kids and pets? Some species are harder than others, so the answers to those questions may help you narrow down your choice.
● What room or rooms will the new floor be in? That’s an important question, because the flooring expert will need to know about the room’s moisture level. Excess water can damage hardwood floors, but sometimes you can make it work.
● Do you prefer an oil or wood finish? While water-based ones dry faster than oil-based, they may not last as long; the colors can be a little deeper with the ol-based ones, but the smell is also deeper! Make sure you go over this with your flooring expert. You should also know that some, especially engineered hardwood flooring, will come prefinished.

2. Style

Do you like a drama, modern, antique? Long and wide planks show fewer seams and have a modern look. Ask about reclaimed wood if you like an antique look. High luster is more dramatic, but low-luster will keep them coming back to look. All shades of grey floors are popular, a pattern that isn’t expected to end anytime soon.

3. Budget

This may seem self-explanatory, but be sure to look at overall value. If something lasts longer, it might be worth going the extra price. Remember that old cliché that says: “Don’t just shop for price, but shop for value.”