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Four key tips for choosing kitchen backsplashes

The moment you walk into our About Floors n’ More showroom in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll quickly come to the realization that there’s virtually an endless assortment of backsplashes. With the never-ending amounts of materials, designs, and color choices, you may feel like you are way in over your head with your upcoming kitchen renovation. Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered with the following 4 key tips for choosing quality, attractive kitchen backsplashes.
1. Assess your renovation budget
How flexible is your budget? Does it have some nudge space, or do you really need to adhere to it? Before you even set foot in a showroom, it’s imperative to assess your makeover budget, so you know what materials you can get – and what is simply beyond your budget. While tiles for backsplashes come in a vast assortment of patterns, sizes, and material options, which means you’ll be able to find something suitable for your redesign, don’t go for the cheapest tiles you can find. Sure, you want to save as much as possible, but do you really want to get saddled with inferior quality junk that will disappoint you in the end?
2. Measure, measure, and measure again
Don’t just take a good look at your kitchen – measure, measure, and measure again! You don’t want to end up with way too much material on your hands. Or, heaven forbid, not enough material! When measuring for kitchen backsplashes, you’ll need to determine the areas that require coverage. Often, that’s above your sink and oven range. Also, it’s always a great idea to buy a bit extra, just in case some tiles get damaged during installed.
3. Live with your picks for a while
Pick a few of your favorites and ask for samples. Bring them home and tape them to the area where they’ll be installed. You can even rotate the samples every couple of days. That way you’ll be able to see your selection every day and get a better sense of which one you prefer and what works best in your kitchen.
4. Contemplate your countertops
Aside from coordinating your backsplash with the cabinets and lighting, it’s essential to choose tiles that blend nicely with your countertops. Interior designers often see these tiles as an extension of kitchen countertops. As such, make sure to place these two elements together, before purchasing your tile selection, to ensure they truly match.