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Five ways to make a stunning statement with your fireplace

Consider your fireplace a design tool, not just something to add warmth. The hearth adds visual interest, while the surround is really a piece of furniture.

Let’s talk about the fireplace hearth first. The hearth is considered the heart and soul of a home, so give it the attention it deserves. It can be as decorative as it is functional.

The hearth is the inside floor, a platform usually made of some stone like marble, limestone or granite. Stone is ultra-durable, stands up to constant heat, and has an automatic architectural interest.

It’s a pretty good bet that in Florida, where the temperature, seldom dips below 60 degrees F, there won’t be much heat-producing activity, so let the hearth become your art piece by:

●Using andirons as a focal point. Those are the metal supports that support the logs, and they can often be quite ornate. They’re available in all shapes and sizes, and will attract a lot of attention.
●Adding a screen. Although they’re typically used to catch embers, fireplace screens are ornate, and can be classic and, well, flamboyant, such as being in the shape of a fanned peacock tail. They are usually made of brass and, right now metallics are trending, because they add so much shimmer and shine.
●Knowing that it just doesn’t have to be all about the log; for instance, you can make a display of tiered candles to add dazzle. The nice thing is that you can easily change the look, because each type has a different illumination; tea, taper, pillar, etc. Just be sure they’re in sturdy holders and, if you do light them, you probably should use a screen for extra safety.

...Now for the surround and mantle
This borders the inside, and it includes the mantle. Make it an important part of your decor by:

●Creating an accent wall. You do this by adding tile, bricks or stone to the surround. Then extend the entire area by painting or wallpapering around the fireplace, with a coordinating color from the surround.
●Extend the length of the mantle. The mantle is the “shelf” that holds decorative items. They should be at least 7-inches deep, but are often extended past the surround, by adding shelving or cabinetry.

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