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Five Ways to Keep Your Wood Floor Looking Great

There’s a reason why wood flooring has been the number 1 choice for so long. It up levels the style to any home, be it traditional or modern; is durable, easy to maintain and can last for years.

Best of all, it increases your home’s resale value; in a survey of real estate agents, it was found that buyers will pay more for a home with a wood floor, perhaps as much as 10% more.

Keep your beautiful wood flooring installation, well, beautiful. Here are five ways, but before you do anything, make sure you buy the best in Jacksonville, at About Floors ‘n More.

1. Make sure it’s properly acclimated before installation. You probably heard of expansion and contraction which is just the way it adjusts to weather. You can counter this by leaving the opened box in the room where it is to be installed. It should be there for several days.

There’s another way to counter that, however, and that is to opt for engineered hardwood. Yes, it is absolutely real wood and it does everything that real wood does, including increasing your home’s value. The construction is different, with layers of wood and a core that’s either tough fiberboard or oak. Because of the layering, the fibers run in a criss-cross manner, giving the product more stability and water-resistance than solid. For you, that translates to greater versatility in installation choices and NO shrinkage or expansion.

2. If you’ve installed solid hardwood flooring, don’t expose it to excess water. That can warp the wood.
3. Keep mats by the entryway to avoid dragging soil in with the shoes. That can scratch the floors. Avoid high heels, which can cause dents, and if you have pets, keep their nails trimmed.
4. Use a good quality veneer and on your floor, and reapply when necessary. Don’t skimp on this! Veneer adds a level of protection and, quite honestly, many scratches are in the veneer and not the wood. If your hardwood floor starts to experience a lot of scratches, it might be time for a new coating of veneer.
5. Use a barely-damp mop when routinely cleaning. Be sure to ask your flooring expert what is recommended for deeper cleaning, or to remove stains and spills. If vacuuming, turn off the beater bars so the floors don’t get pummeled. That can cause harm!

About Floors ‘n More is located in Jacksonville, FL. Come in to see how you can get, and keep, a sensational wood flooring installation.