luxury vinyl flooring

Five tips to keep luxury vinyl planks looking great

Inexpensive, durable, and attractive, luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are an excellent choice for a home makeover if you’re looking for something unique, that won’t break the bank! Keep your LVP looking great with the following 5 tips, brought to you by our About Floors n’ More showroom experts in Jacksonville, FL.

Start with a proper installation
First things first, your LVP won’t last long, if it wasn’t installed properly to begin with. While some homeowners may believe they can install luxury vinyl planks themselves in a matter of hours with a quick DIY job, the truth is, not everyone has the skills, knowledge, and experience to do so. Give your floors a good start to life by hiring professionals for an expert installation.

Use a rug or doormat
Prevent dirt accumulation or possible damage, by placing a rug or doormat at every entrance. Though LVP is extremely hard-wearing, tracked in grit can cause serious damage to surfacing, acting like sandpaper and wearing down the finish. Dust and dirt, on the other hand, means more time cleaning, but rugs and doormats can keep this to a minimum, if you place them a key entry points.

Sweep regularly
No matter what kind of hard flooring you have, you’ll obviously need to keep it clean with regular sweeping. Luxury vinyl planks, of course, are no exception. When you stick to a daily schedule, you extend the lifespan of your slats, and keep your house looking its best.

Use certified products
It’s essential to use the correct products to maintain your LVP. If you don’t, you may inadvertently be damaging them over time. Also, make sure to rinse your LVP thoroughly with clean, room-temperature water, removing any residual product left behind on the planks. Skipping this step may result in a sticky surface that attracts dust and dirt, something you definitely don’t want.

Say ‘No’ to soaking
Whatever you do, avoid adding or leaving behind excessive water on your luxury vinyl planks. Use a damp mop instead of one that’s soaking wet. In doing so, your mop won’t leave excess water, which can seep into edges, seams, or cracks. Too much water can destroy the adhesive glue underneath, causing the LVP to curl or become loose, and then it’s game over!