hardwood flooring installation

Five Most-Asked Questions About a Wood Flooring Installation

Wow! You’ll just love hardwood flooring.

We all know how elegant and warm it is, but you may not realize that it also has some pretty gorgeous undertones: Red, orange, yellow, etc. When coordinated with walls, upholstery, accessories or even views, you can create breathtaking designs.

About Floors n’ More usually hears the same questions over and over again, so we’re here to answer them. We want Jacksonville homeowners to learn all about the beauty of this product.

● Question: Will I spend an arm and a leg? Answer: First, look at the big picture. Know that a wood flooring installation can last for decades.

Scratches are usually in the veneer, not the wood itself, so a refinishing, not a replacement, will most likely do the trick, unless the floor is very warped or has structural damage.

Second, wood adds value to a home. That’s nice to know, even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, but if you are, real estate sales associates across the country have told us that buyers will often pay as much as 10 percent more for a home with this flooring.

Third, if budget is a big issue, but you really love the look of wood, you can still get it with laminate or luxury vinyl, which are both incredibly realistic.

Question: Does Hot and Humid Weather Affect Wood Flooring?

You will need to acclimate the wood, because it expands and contracts to adjust to changes in temperature and humidity. Acclimation is very easy; your flooring expert can tell you how to do it.

Also you might consider engineered hardwood; it is real wood, but the construction is different, making it more stable and able to stand up to weather and moisture.

● Question: Will it hold up to my pets? Answer: Yes, but you might consider laying some area rugs in areas where the pet most often goes, and keep those nails trimmed!

● Is it easy to clean? Answer: All you need is a soft broom or a damp (not wet) mop, with a manufacturer-approved cleaner.

● Question: Can I install it myself? Answer: No! This requires strong skills, and you’ll also need to check for moisture, examine and prepare the sub-floor, and select the right varnish, not to mention the money you’ll spend on materials and tools.

About Floors n’ More is happy to answer any other questions that you may have. Come see us in our Jacksonville, FL showroom.