Find the Best Mohawk and Quick Step Laminate at About Floors N' More!

Find the Best Mohawk and Quick Step Laminate at About Floors N' More!

If you live in, or near, Jacksonville, FL, and you are looking for new laminate flooring, come by our showroom and see some of best laminate in this entire area. At About Floors n' More, we carry the brand names Mohawk and Quick Step, and we would love to tell you about them here, and a little about our store.

For starters, it is important to know that laminate flooring is just like anything else, there are good flooring products, and there are products that are not so good. Chances are good that if you walk into 100 flooring stores, and ask them about their laminate, you will hear them all say they have the best. So, how do consumers get to the truth? We suggest that you buy the best brand names in flooring, that is the best way to ensure that you get quality flooring every time you buy new flooring systems.

This is one reason why we only carry the best brand names in laminate: Mohawk and Quick Step. We have a wonderful selection of options that includes nearly 40 Mohawk systems, and nearly 50 laminate options from Quick Step. We also carry a great line of commercial laminate for our business customers. In short, we have the perfect flooring systems for everyone in the Jacksonville area.

When you visit our Jacksonville showroom, you will find a fantastic line of wood-look laminate flooring. Our wood-look laminate looks authentic, and has an embedded quality that cannot be ignored. From light color tones to dark, we have it all. Our store also carries a variety of plank widths, so you can get that perfect look that you have always wanted.

If you have ever wanted one of the most durable, beautiful, and affordable flooring systems on the market today, visit with About Floors n' More, and let us show the best brand names in laminate flooring.