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Dress Up Your Home with Tile Flooring

Packing school lunches is no easy task! While many think they have the formula down, sandwiches, chips, and maybe fruit, there’s always a kid who’s a picky eater, has allergies, or just plain finds the lunches boring. That means parents may spend a lot of time worrying if their kid is eating lunch at all, or if they’re trading it for some not-so-healthy version, i.e., an all-candy or all-pastry lunch.

Here’s a great article from News 4 Jax in Jacksonville, FL that gives some practical tips for spicing up lunches: www.news4jax.com by Michelle Ganey.

Now it’s time to spice up your home, and tile flooring is a great way to do so. At Floors n’ More, we have a large inventory of tile flooring in different colors and shapes. You can do a couple of things with your tile flooring, such as creating:

● Patterns: Tiles come in so many colors and shapes that you can create some unusual patterns.

Of course, there are always the classics, like that time-honored black and white pattern. We’ve all seen it with squares only, or in a combination with hexagon and square-shapes. Create linear patterns, using earthy rectangles, or a romantic Italian villa-like space with Italian marble tile in pale colors such as white and gold. Limited budget? No worries, you can always use tiles as an accessory, say, around the grout line of another, more budget-friendly flooring.

● Mosaics: This is a little different than a pattern, because you’re actually creating an image or piece of art for your floor, and it often becomes a sort of arts & crafts project. Let your imagination go wild! Use mosaic glass tile flooring to create a lavish, upscale spa-like atmosphere, or create patterns reminiscent of rugs, quilts, gardens, florals, pebbles, geometrics, waves, water, and more.

Jacksonville, FL (and surrounding areas) will just love our large inventory of tile plus hardwood, carpet, laminate, vinyl, natural stone, glass tile and area rugs. Let us help you get really creative!