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Does LVP come in a stone look?

Luxury vinyl plank
and tile offer some of the most beautiful visuals in flooring. They can be just what you need to create the perfect decor and furnishings match.

The materials mimic various all-natural materials, so getting the look you want and need is easy. Taking the time to find out what's available could yield excellent results.

Luxury vinyl flooring is flexible

When you need a specific look, it's nice to have a wide variety to choose from. That's especially true in luxury vinyl plank flooring.

When you narrow the products down to stone looks alone, you still have extensive options. Choose a pattern, color, format, and installation layout to complete the look.

Use the stone-look anywhere

One of the best things about choosing a stone look is that it fits many designs. The marble looks perfect for upscale and formal areas like dining rooms and foyers.

But a gritty, rustic option can be perfect for the farmhouse trend or some other natural style. So, be sure to consider other trends for the best results.

Added benefits of luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring also provides immense durability and protection. In addition, choosing thicker materials makes them perfect for homes with pets and children.

You'll see fewer dents, scratches, and scars and a longer lifespan. But you might appreciate complete waterproof protection the most.

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