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Does luxury vinyl plank flooring need an underlayment?

Luxury vinyl plank gives you all the best features at an affordable price, with all the extras that make them even more remarkable. But do these floors need underlayment to provide the best experience?

Some facts surrounding the addition of underlayment might serve you well before purchasing your flooring. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Luxury vinyl underlayment and what it does for you

There are many reasons to add a quality underlayment to your luxury vinyl plank flooring. One of the most beneficial is that it helps erase any abnormalities in the subfloor and create a sleek, even surface that lasts.

Underlayment can add a great deal of comfort to any luxury vinyl, with a softer, warmer touch, even in cold weather. It also creates a bit of resilience, allowing a sort of spring in your step, making it easier to stand in one place for long periods.

If you think there might be a moisture issue, underlayment can act as a vapor barrier, protecting you from that dampness. The result is not only well-maintained flooring but also the peace of mind that you deserve.

Finally, an added underlayment can add exquisite noise reduction, making your house calm and serene, even when bustling with children and pets. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make, especially when you won’t even see it.

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