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Does luxury vinyl plank flooring expand?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring
(LVP) is often a homeowner’s go-to floor covering when a beautiful wood-look appearance is preferred. Because it looks so much like natural wood, some homeowners want to know if the vinyl plank will expand in a way that is similar to the real thing, and we're going to discuss that question today.

Luxury vinyl plank characteristics

In extreme situations involving heat, sunlight, and moisture, especially with an economy-priced luxury vinyl plank, these floors can expand, sometimes causing buckling as a result. The good news is that there are some convenient ways to avoid this.

Using a proper adhesive for glue-down installations is a great place to start. We offer the best quality adhesives, matching them with the specific working times, as dictated by manufacturer specifications.

Another way to prevent expansion is to use at least a 100-pound roller to secure the flooring materials to the subfloor beneath. This is a long-term solution, especially when paired with a proper adhesive.

To keep direct sunlight off your vinyl plank flooring and reduce the temperature in any given room, we suggest using window treatments that filter light well. Consider blinds, drapes, or shades that match your décor and lifestyle for the best results.

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