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Does luxury vinyl flooring need to be acclimated?

There are a wealth of benefits and characteristics that will serve you well when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring, no matter what your flooring requirements. But many homeowners wonder if this flooring, like natural wood, needs to be acclimated, so we're going to consider that question today.

Luxury vinyl plank is an excellent option

Luxury vinyl plank offers the stunning and timeless appearance of natural wood flooring, with beautiful colors, species appearances, textures, and more. With higher-end products, your guests may never know it's not natural wood they're walking on; the authenticity is so believable.

But one of the questions that come with luxury vinyl flooring is whether it needs an acclimation process the way that wood flooring does, and the answer is yes. Especially in areas with high humidity levels or excessive heat or cold, the acclimation process can ensure that your floors never expand, contract, or experience any of the negative experiences that can bring.

This vinyl plank flooring period for acclimation can take one to two days to fully adjust, but we can give you a better idea of exactly how long it will take when we discuss your specific flooring type. Be sure to visit us when you’re in the area to find your available options.

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