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Do you need an adhesive to install LVP flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is a fantastic material that gives you the look and performance you need, all in one product. But are adhesives necessary to install this material in your home?
That is a great question and one we discuss further in today's post. So read along now to find out more about the installation methods for this product.

Luxury vinyl plank installation explained

Some homeowners prefer the glue-down method for installing luxury vinyl plank flooring, so it is always an option if you prefer. However, other methods might be more appropriate for your home and your requirements.

For instance, a floating vinyl plank is a perfect option if you want a quickly installed and beautiful floor once finished. In addition, you can add an underlayment to this type of installation, which takes care of any hollow or clicking sound you might want to avoid after the installation.

Another option for vinyl plank installation without the adhesive is loose lay vinyl planks held in place with a thick backing that works with friction instead of adhesives or tongue and groove connectors. It is the most straightforward installation and can easily be moved into another area by taking the materials up and transferring them to the new space.

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