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Do you grout backsplash?

Unless you install a backsplash that is a single, solid piece, grouting is generally a necessity for several reasons. In today's post, we're going to tell you more about it and why it can be so crucial in your kitchen or bathroom, so read along now.

Tile backsplash requires grout

Tile backsplash must be grouted to keep moisture out, which could later damage your wall surfaces, especially over time. But grout also works to prevent friction between tiles to avoid the possibility of cracked or chipped tiles.

Glass tiles are particularly prone to breaking without a grout line of at least 1/16th of an inch. With many types of grouts available, finding the perfect match for your interior design scheme is easier than you think.

The truth is, grout makes your backsplash last. Yes, it takes time, and yes, it is a highly meticulous task, but that's why we only use trained and experienced technicians for your grouting work.

In addition to serving a practical and protective purpose, grout can also increase the visual appeal of your space. Choose colored grout to stand out against any décor scheme and make your glass tile a visual centerpiece.

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