Do I have to wax luxury vinyl plank floors?

Do I have to wax luxury vinyl plank floors?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring offers stunning visuals that cater to your décor style, with products that mimic natural wood and stone materials. Patterns, colors, textures, and installation layouts all work together to give you a perfect visual appeal in every room.

But you may wonder if luxury vinyl flooring ever needs waxing, and the answer is no. The surface offers impressive durability, which translates into an excellent finish that never needs waxing or refinishing, and here’s more information about that.

No waxing necessary

Wax, polish, and other compounds aren’t necessary when cleaning your new vinyl floors because luxury vinyl flooring has a polyurethane coating for beauty and protection. Using solvent-based compounds or wax could damage the floors or create a buildup that mars the visual appeal.

If you want to maintain that stunning shine that made you fall in love with these floors initially, start by keeping them swept free of debris. Then clean with a manufacturer-recommended cleaner or a simple water and detergent mixture, which leaves no streaks, films, or residues on your floor’s surface.

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