Ditch the Carpet, Decorate and Live Cleaner!

Homeowners still have carpeted living rooms for many reasons. Factors include familiarity with the flooring, it was there when they moved in, they grew up in carpeted homes and they perceive it as comfortable. However, carpet flooring is outgrowing the design scene and new homes are sticking to hard surface flooring for ease of maintenance.

One persuasive reason to replace carpeted floors with hard wood, engineered or laminate flooring is the ease of cleaning that comes with utilizing hard surface flooring. Carpet can trap dirt, mud, mold and other bacterial growth that is hard to get rid of. The costs of professional carpet cleaning add up over the years. Carpet maintenance is especially difficult if you own pets or have little kids. With wood floors, you can do deep cleaning on your own and get the “stickiness” off that children and pets leave behind without the help of professionals. So if you’re looking to clean up spills easier and rid your living room of allergens, you may want to ditch the carpet.

Another big push for wood flooring is when decorating a room, hard surface flooring comes with a lot of versatility. If you have green or brown carpet installed, your color scheme options decrease. Wood flooring will give you the option to pick out colorful rugs that you may fancy and integrate furniture styles into your walls and décor schemes without worrying “does this match the carpet?” You will also be able to integrate accessories such as curtains, lamps and throw pillows with ease if you have wood flooring installed. Remember, keep in mind that in a couple of years, your taste may change, and redecorating a room is much simpler with hard surface flooring.

So while carpet is great for rooms with less foot-traffic like bedrooms and work-from-home offices, wood flooring is an easy choice for your kitchen, living room and other high-traffic rooms throughout the house. So homeowners, rip out your carpet, decorate and live a cleaner life.