Decorating is a breeze!

area rugs in Jacksonville, FL Sometimes you need a breath of fresh air. An immediate change of scenery. Much of the time you plan, of course. You mull, budge, analyze and research- as we all should. But every now and then you need to give into an impulse. It’s part of being alive.

You have keepsakes, photo, mementos and ticket stubs to mark your family memories, romantic impulses, varied moods and inspiring travels.

With an area rug, you can pull out those tucked-away moods and memories and lay them at your feet.

A braided rug, for example, might evoke the traditional charm of an ancestral home, casual and cozy while remaining durable enough for foot traffic.

A hand-knotted, intricately patterned Oriental can create a deep sense of refined elegance. A less expensive hand-tufted rug might declare a similar sense of timeless luxury or declare a chick modern sensibility with a sophisticated geometric or free-form asymmetrical motif.

Tone-on-tone rugs are perfect for modern sophistication or for casual, elegant décor. And an area rug with bold lines and strong colors can add drama to large, formal living spaces.

Transitional styles fuse the traditional with the contemporary. Look for floral patterns featuring both muted and jewel tones set against a neutral background.
Exquisite hand-hooked accent rugs with fine petit-point hooking offer a range of expressions through strong colors and elegant patterns. Or indulge in a plush, genuine Greek Flokati or its less expensive cousin – a colorful shag.

Complement of add contrast to your existing décor. Use an area rug to quiet and unify eclectic elements or to add energy and color to muted monochromatic spaces. And don’t be afraid to layer patterns and textures – definitely a major design trend.

Rugs are fashioned in a number of ways, from machine-made to hand-knotted, and re made from synthetic or natural materials as diverse as recycled plastics, New Zealand wool, silk, sisal and coir. You might consider a bamboo area rug with its unique smooth feel and glossy luster.

Rugs are available in too many shapes and sizes to list. Just remember that the right one will transform the appearance of corridors, foyers and bathrooms, as well as dining rooms, studies, living rooms – and yes, outside areas.

With an area rug, the transformation is extraordinary- and here’s the nice part – immediate. Compared to other renovation projects, installation is definitely a breeze.