Debating laminate vs vinyl flooring?

Debating laminate vs vinyl flooring?

If you’re currently giving thought to home renovations, you will eventually wonder what type of floor covering solutions would be best. Depending on the room, laminate flooring or luxury vinyl flooring might be great options. While each of these hard surface types can have its merits, taking stock of your needs, lifestyle and budget will help you choose the one that is better suited to you and your family.

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Laminate flooring, vinyl flooring…what’s the difference?

In a nutshell, they are both hard surface coverings that can be installed as floating floors and can imitate wood. While one has a more realistic wood-like feel and look, the other is more flexible and waterproof. But whether to go with laminate flooring or vinyl flooring largely depends where you plan to install it and what kind of usage the area will see over the years. The following outlines some pros to consider as you decide.

  • It can be installed on top of stable, pre-existing flooring, except carpet.
  • Provides a realistic look, feel and sound of wood.
  • Durable and will last for years.
  • Easy Maintenance and it is allergen friendly.
  • Water-resistant.

Luxury Vinyl
  • Like laminate, luxury vinyl can be installed over existing, stable flooring too, except for carpeting.
  • Mimics the appearance of real wood.
  • Soft and warm underfoot with a more cushioned and cozier feel.
  • Durable with a long span, with the proper upkeep.
  • Equally easy maintenance and great for allergy sufferers.
  • Waterproof.

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