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Dark Wood Flooring: Decorating Tips From the Pros

At the About Floors n' More showroom in Jacksonville, FL, our on-site decor pros assist homeowners with their many interior design ideas. Often, folks will come in asking how they can "work with" their dark wood flooring installation. It's no surprise, really, because very dark planks can be a little bit tricky to use as a design element. Should you match that dark hardwood flooring? Or is it best to contrast your deeper variations of engineered hardwood? Well, in the hopes of helping you out, we're about to share a few decorating tips from the pros, so you can connect with your inner interior designer and create a true redesign masterpiece!

Lighter Furniture

Typically, we recommend selecting furniture several shades lighter than your surfacing material. That's because the light-colored furniture creates a fluid, harmonious appearance, but it also detracts from a room being too somber. 

White(r) Walls

Should you have pale furniture, opting for white or cream-colored walls assures a cohesive quality, providing a space with both the feel of being airy, and the perception of being larger than it is. 

Light vs. Dark Curtains

Choose the look you want for your room, be it cool or dramatic, before selecting proper curtains. Pick light-colored curtains to draw the eye away from the darkness of the wood flooring installation for a cool appearance. For more dramatic flair, go with dark curtains to create a dazzling effect against your deep colored surfacing.

Add Contrast Elements

Offset the tone of your dark surfacing by contrasting it with white cabinetry. In kitchens and bedrooms, this combination creates a truly stunning image, showcasing the surfacing against white elements to make it visually pop out. 

Elegance and Style Versatility

No matter which room you're renovating, there's no good reason to avoid darker plank tones. While it may not be a homeowner's first option, there's plenty of ways to either downplay or highlight their appearance. Honestly, don't feel stuck trying to figure out how to incorporate this feature in your home. In the end, darker surfacing provides an elegant feel throughout the house, as well as presents multiple design options. So, instead, have some fun with your redesign!