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Comparing oranges to oranges: SPC and WPC vinyl and the waterproof test

There is an old saying that one ought not to compare apples to oranges. Sure, they are both fruit, but anyone who has ever picked one off a tree (or from the grocery store) knows that they are very different items. Yet, what happens when you compare oranges? There are quite a few varieties of this fruit associated with our state, but the differences are relatively minor. While comparing hardwood to luxury vinyl plank is somewhat like comparing apples and oranges, comparing SPC and WPC is like comparing two different kinds of orange.

WPC and SPC vinyl

There are various types of luxury vinyl flooring, and most kinds of LVF have a solid core to add stability and strength to the flooring. Two of the most common materials used to comprise the core of LVF are a wood-plastic composite (WPC) and a stone-plastic composite (SPC). Both are fully waterproof materials and form a floor that is impervious to moisture.

What does that mean?

Waterproof floors not only resist water, but they also defy water. Moisture will not cause them to swell, warp, discolor, or fade. Moisture will not cause them to decay or break down. Furthermore, water cannot pass through the flooring, and that means that these waterproof materials will also protect your subfloor from being harmed by moisture. Whether planks or tiles, they are designed to bond together and create a watertight seal in your home.

As your waterproof flooring retailer in Jacksonville, we at About Floors n’ More know a lot about vinyl flooring, and we can steer you to the kind of flooring core that will serve you best in your home. Yet, if your concern is whether either of them is waterproof, the answer is that “yes, they both are!”

We have two showrooms from which you can choose, one in Jacksonville and Jacksonville (Mandarin — speaking of oranges!). Both locations contain many samples that will illustrate the wide range of options that these waterproof floors offer. Give us a call or stop by; we would love to show you around. We also serve the broader areas of Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Neptune, FL — indeed, we can help you!